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Produktbeschreibung A picture says more than a thousand words. This is something that we all know to be true.

Imaging has been important since the early days of medicine and bi- ogy, as seen in the anatomical studies of Leonardo Da Vinci or Andreas Vesalius. More than years ago, the? Today, every patient will be exposed to some kind of advanced imaging technology such as medical resonance imaging, computed tomography or four-dimensional ultrasound during their lifetime.

First Light Imaging works with the most advanced research centers and astronomical observatories in the world.

Example of astronomy applications : Adaptive Optics, Exoplanets research, Laser communications, Astronomical observations, ground to ground transmissions, interferometry, Fringe tracking. Going beyond the visible wavelength is priceless for researchers in medical and biology.

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Short Wave Infrared SWIR imaging allows deeper, non-invasive, high-resolution detection of in vivo or ex vivo tissues, thanks to the very low reflectivity of skin in the SWIR, and to contrast agent or dyes. The scope of applications is large, especially in cancer domain but not only.

Example of life sciences applications: Fluorescence microscopy, diagnosis, surgery, tissues analysis, OCT imaging, Raman spectroscopy, cellular imaging, biological sampling. Imaging has long been used in industrial processes to measure, monitor, control or otherwise manage the production of goods.

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Short Wave imaging SWIR cameras can see through coatings that are opaque to the eye, and enables visualization of underlying features such as fill levels, or hidden moisture… Whether for semiconductor inspection, food inspection or quality control, non destructive analysis, laser beam alignment or environmental monitoring, our cameras can be used in countless industrial fields.

Our Short Wave Infrared SWIR cameras are able to image high contrast images through haze, mist, rain, fog and challenging atmospheric conditions. Even better performance is possible thanks to our High Dynamic Range feature. Example of safety and surveillance applications: SWIR imaging for night vision, background contrast, cloud or smoke penetration, identification of objects. Surface pigments are typically transparent at wavelengths longer than nm, and our Short Wave Infrared SWIR cameras can be used as non-invasive detection instrument for painting inspection, such as identification of alterations, counterfeiting, copying, overpainting, or erased marking, providing information on hidden structures which are invisible to human eye.

Our C-RED series is declined in 3 cameras, for scientific or industrial infrared imaging. The camera has been rewarded by a Prism Award for Photonics Innovation in and still owns the world record in speed and sensitivity for a e-APD camera. The camera also offers windowing possibilities which allow to go even faster up to images per second. The camera is based on a tecless InGaAs sensor sensitive from 0. The camera offers up to frames per second refresh rate with a readout noise below 50 electrons, and is declined in 2 versions with cameralink full or USB 3.

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C-RED 3 supports a unique high dynamic range mode HDR providing 93dB dynamic range and true 16 bits linear response, which offers at the same time a low noise below 50 electrons and a full well capacity of more than 1 million electron. The camera can also work in AGC mode automatic gain control with standard dynamic range. All our cameras are provided with our own Graphical User Interface GUI and our softwares allowing real time applications. They can be updated remotely. Our packages are marked with shockwatch indicators, and we ship them all around the world with reliable forwarding partners.

First Light Imaging challenges physical laws by creating the most innovative, fastest and sensitive scientific cameras, for science research.

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We design and manufacture ultra high-speed and sensitive scientific cameras for visible and infrared spectra. Multiple award-winning, First Light Imaging is recognized for the high performance of its products, and works with world leading institutes and manufacturers.


First Light Imaging develops its cutting-edge cameras around state of the art scientific sensors. From visible to Infrared SWIR wavelengths, with the lowest readout noise and the highest frame rates, high QE over a wide spectrum, wavefront sensing with integrated micro-lens arrays, nanoseconds accurate synchronization, electronic shutter… First Light Imaging offers state of the art products for high end applications, to make the invisible visible.

Our cameras are exempted from the RoHS limitation. First Light Imaging is involved in sustainable development by recycling all its electronical and electrical wastes. First Light Imaging is also attentive to data protection, all information collected is protected by our private servers.