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And I will put my spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes and be careful to observe my ordinances. The innovation of this mode of acting by the Spirit is that it comes upon people and remains there, transforming them from within, giving them a new heart and a new ability to observe the law.

As we move from the Old to the New Testament, this dual kind of action of the Spirit becomes even clearer. We only need to read chapter 12 of the First Letter to the Corinthians that speaks of all types of charisms and then go on to the next chapter, chapter 13, that speaks of a unique gift, equal and necessary for all, which is love. The relationship between the sanctifying action of the Sprit and his charismatic action is seen by Paul as similar to the relationship between being and acting and to the relationship between unity and diversity in the Church.

We can read Ephesians on this point. The apostle does not stop at highlighting the two modes of operation by the Spirit but affirms the absolute priority of the sanctifying action over the charismatic action. Acting depends on being agere sequitur esse , not the reverse. Paul reviews the majority of charisms—speaking in tongues, having the gift of prophecy, understanding all mysteries, distributing everything to the poor—and concludes that without love a charism is worthless for the one who exercises it, even if it benefits the people who receive it.

But above all St. The thing to make clear right away is that this new life is the life brought by Christ. For centuries the emphasis was so much on morality, on duty, on what to do to gain eternal life, that it inverted the relationship and put duty before gift, making grace the effect instead of the cause of our good works.

The Charismatic Renewal, concretely the baptism in the Spirit, brought about in me this Copernican revolution that I was speaking about, and because of that I am deeply convinced that it can bring about that revolution in the whole Church. And it is the revolution on which the possibility of re-evangelizing the post-Christian world depends.

Christianity, unlike every other religion, does not begin by telling people what they need to do to save themselves; it begins by telling them what God has done in Christ to save them. It is the religion of grace. What the New Life in the Spirit Consists in. We rely on St. Paul, and more precisely on his Letter to the Romans, because it is there that he sets forth its constitutive elements almost systematically. A Life Lived according to the Law of the Spirit. There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set me free from the law of sin and death. Rom In the Old Testament, there were two basic interpretations for the feast of Pentecost.

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At the beginning, Pentecost was the feast of harvest the feast of weeks see Num ff when people offered God their first fruits see Ex ; Deut ff. It was the feast that recalled the giving of the law on Mount Sinai and the covenant established by God with his people—the feast, in a word, that commemorated the events described in Exodus It seems that St. Luke deliberately described the descent of the Holy Spirit with the signs that characterized the theophany at Sinai; he uses images, in fact, that recall the earthquake and the fire.

The liturgy of the Church confirms this interpretation since it includes Exodus 19 in the readings for the Vigil of Pentecost. What does this parallel approach tell us about our Pentecost?

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In other words, what does it mean that the Holy Spirit descended upon the Church on the very day in which Israel recalls the giving of the law and the covenant? Augustine already asked this question and gave the following answer. Fifty days after the sacrifice of the lamb in Egypt, the finger of God inscribed the laws of God on Mount Sinai on stone tablets, and here fifty days after the sacrifice of Christ, the true Lamb of God, again the finger of God, the Holy Spirit, wrote his law.

The prophecies of Jeremiah and Ezekiel about the new covenant are suddenly illuminated. It is no longer on tablets of stone but on hearts; it is no longer an external law but an interior law. It functions through love! This love, as St. Thomas explained to us, is the love with which God loves us and, at the same time, makes us able to love him in return and to love our neighbor.

It is a new ability to love. There are two ways a person can be induced to do, or not to do, a certain thing: by compulsion or by attraction. The external law induces a person the first way, by compulsion and with the threat of punishment. Love induces him in the second way, by attraction. People are in fact attracted by what they love without having to be subjected to any external constraint.

Christian life is lived by attraction, not by compulsion, by love, not by fear. A Life of the Sons and Daughters of God. Secondly, the new life in the Spirit is the life of the sons and daughters of God.

The apostle goes on to say,. All who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.

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For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the spirit of sonship. This is a central idea in the message of Jesus and the whole New Testament. Thanks to baptism that has grafted us onto Christ, we have become children in the Son. What new thing, then, can the Charismatic Renewal bring to this? Something very important, and that is the discovery and existential awareness of the fatherhood of God that has made more than one person melt into tears at the moment of the baptism of the Spirit.

Legally , we are his children through baptism, but experientially we become his children thanks to the action of the Holy Spirit that is ongoing in our lives. A filial sentiment is born. From being a master , God becomes a father. I have discovered that God is my papa! A Life under the Lordship of Christ. Finally, the new life is a life under the Lordship of Christ. In Romans the apostle writes,. If you confess with your lips that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. And again soon after in the same letter he says,.

None of us lives to himself, and none of us dies to himself. For to this end Christ died and lived again, that he might be Lord both of the dead and of the living.

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The most evident gift I received on the occasion of my baptism in the Spirit was the discovery of the Lordship of Christ. Up to that point, I was a scholar of Christology; I taught courses and wrote books on ancient christological doctrines.

Charisma: The Gift of Grace, and How It Has Been Taken Away from Us

The Spirit converted me from Christology to Christ. He is risen from the dead and He is Lord. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Why not repeat this experience, on an occasion like this, and proclaim the Lordship of Christ together in song. Let those who know it sing it in English…. What is special in the proclamation of Jesus as Lord that makes it so distinctive and decisive?

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Markets Show more Markets. Opinion Show more Opinion. Charisma may take a secular form, as Max Weber suggested when he first popularized the term in sociology. But even secular charisma makes demands in the service of a larger cause, whether the success of a business endeavor, the military conquest of a rival nation or the production of a movie or a great building. A charismatic leader subjects himself to the same disciplines he expects from others. Applied to the commitments and projects of self-selected groups, charismatic leadership can accomplish great things, both spiritual and practical.

Except in unusual circumstances - Martin Luther King challenging the nation to "live out the true meaning of its creed" or Winston Churchill promising "nothing but blood, toil, tears and sweat" - political charisma is antithetical to a free and democratic society. When circumstances change, free citizens abandon their charismatic leaders to pursue new, less universal purposes. Adolf Hitler, not JFK, exemplified 20th-century political charisma.

In our times, ancient religious charisma has combined with new political forms to produce Osama bin Laden - a creedal prophet utterly unanticipated in Rieff's analysis, which sees only secular threats. For presidential candidates, then, the important question is not, Who has charisma?

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But, how do we keep charisma in its place? We can start by understanding how it works - and why Americans are lucky that our "charismatic" political leaders are merely glamorous. Follow her on Twitter vpostrel , "like" her on Facebook , and subscribe to her newsletter here.