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I was thankful that my husband was able to show me around. Then John entered the room. His light-hearted and jovial personality put me at ease. He minimized the seriousness of the content with fun-loving banter. I was amazed at the simplicity of most of the moves. Even more amazing was the realization that it could be accomplished even by little old me. When the techniques didn't fit my size, John and the other instructors showed me specifically what I could do.

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Instead of feeling frustrated with what didn't work, I felt empowered by their ability to show me what would work. I still struggle in class at times. The content is severe. The worst the happens is death. If death were the only fear, it wouldn't be that bad. For a woman, the fear is capture.

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The fear is being locked in a basement and raped repeatedly. The fear is becoming a victim of human trafficking. There are times when we practice scenarios in class that cause these fears to surface. They bring the reality of my vulnerability in the open. I have never been attacked, but I still have the fear inside. The soothing and inspiring force that breaks through the fear is my instructors and the simplicity of Krav. I used to leave each week wondering how they found this perfect balance. Meeting Moshi provided my answer. His gentle spirit entwined with his deep drive to help others embodies the spirit of Krav.

The nation of Israel is like a victimized woman. They know the fear. They feel the pain of the past. They have haunting memories. From this, Moshi constantly works to help all. I am past forty.

I am under five feet tall. I have a plate in my back. I learn slowly. I bruise easily. After a year of Krav, my view of these issues has changed.

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The are no longer valid excuses. The simplicity and natural movements in Krav make it work for everyone.

My insecurities are fading away as the techniques become more automatic. I will never be completely safe from harm, but I now know that I am far from defenseless. You are very special for me and for all that people around the world. Your IKI was made and still working with heart, not only with fists, grabs and elbows. Elizabeth Myroshnychenko. IKI Ukraine. I've never done Krav Maga before and all I really knew about it was that it involved hand-to-hand combat techniques and potentially very complicated techniques at that.

I loved every single minute of the seminar and found the techniques surprisingly simple, yet devastatingly effective if applied correctly. I can't wait for Moshe to come back to Durban again for the next seminar! The IKI method is a more instinctive defence which I really like. Your thinking and techniques are light years ahead of anything else.

It was really good to at last meet you during your Springfield, IL, seminar. I was most impressed by your teaching at the seminar. You were clear and concise in your demonstrations and in your assistance to people trying the techniques, and you were never abrupt or hectoring as too many MA instructors seem to be. You were always kind and gentlemanly in your treatment of the students. Very impressive, indeed. In addition, I really liked the techniques you were teaching.

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  • They varied ever so slightly from what I've seen of Krav Maga in the past, and the variations were, in each instance, an improvement on what I had previously seen. I feel confident we are putting out a class A product. All the best. Moshe, As a student of Krav Maga and having had the opportunity and Honor of attending your seminar in South Africa recently. Non sono daccordo con chi insegna il krav maga con tecniche complicate e poco reali.. Oltre 70 i partercipanti Grazie Master Moshe..

    Thank you very much Mr.

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    Moshe for what you taught us and for the simplicity and humility with which you conducted the seminar; qualities that distinguish a great man. Massimo Repetto. Thank you for and incredible 5 day seminar. Thank you for being the teacher - for it is people like you that make a difference to people like me.

    Thank you for being selfless and patient and for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us. You will be greatly blessed and highly favored. Jenni Retief, South Africa. I'm humbled and honored that you'd share my experiences having been with IKI for only a little under a year. I'm glad that even a new instructor is able to share things that can be helpful. This shows me that you truly value everyone within your organization and acknowledge that everyone can bring useful information to the 'table' no matter how much experience they have.

    I'm very happy to be apart the the IKI family. There is no other Krav Maga organization that I would even dream being apart of. I just thought I'd share this with you. I had a man contact me a week ago and I invited him to come and see a class.

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    He's a large, muscular guy, but very pleasant. He seemed very impressed, but said he was experiencing a difficult patch and could only really afford to start in the new year. I told him not to worry about it, and that he was welcome to start training in the meantime, and he could pay me when it was affordable for him. Before you read it, I just want to echo his words and say thank you to you for all you do for us. You have no idea of the depth of my gratitude. I always thought I was a reasonably tough guy that could handle myself, I even proved it a few times in my life for all the wrong reasons.

    They were actually after my boss but got me instead. Knowing that I am not the "money man" they decided I was only good for giving them information. This was extracted from me on a nearly daily basis. I managed to escape on day 98 and ran. Long story short. I returned a broken man and very quickly turned into an alcoholic. An attempted suicide followed 3 months ago. I checked myself into rehab, found God and came out a more stable but still paranoid person. Then I met you and trained with you last night. I can not describe the feeling of driving home and walking into my house without the feeling of near crippling fear.

    For the first time in more than a year I was not driving with panic attacks when I spotted somebody next to the road. I was driving with confident awareness that I could handle any situation to protect the person sitting next to me who I love most in my life. You have given me back my manhood and I will never be able to thank you enough. I can not imagine what I will feel like after a year if one lesson had this effect.

    Thank you once again. Best wishes and blessings. What makes Moshe's Krav so innovative is that the techniques are principle based, and those principles are universal, which means that we can have one technique that works for multiple attacks. So it may feel that we're doing the same thing when in fact it's a version of the same technique, but it's being applied to a completely new attack or scenario.

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    Anyhow, I got a call at last night from Jamie. He was trying to deal with one of these prisoners the guy was on drugs as well as big and very mean and to settle him down. Nothing worked and the prisoner kept on and on. Jamie asked the other guards to open the cell door and Jamie went in to try to diffuse the situation. The prisoner charged and took a big swing but Jamie did exactly what I have taught him. He instantly attacked moved INTO the attacker, landed one good palm strike to his chest and the guy was down and totally out. Anyhow, proof is nice once in a while.

    Jamie has been in a large number of fights in the past, many in the prison system, but always had to struggle through them until now. I would just like to thank you for your time and the expertise that you shared with us during the seminar you presented in Durban, South Africa. The feedback I have received from all the students of Contact Combat Academy who attended has been excellent, what was noted specifically, over and above your deep knowledge of the Krav system, was the new energy that was injected after your motivational anecdotes which conferred a deeper understanding and appreciation of the spirit of Krav Maga.

    Once again, a sincere thank you for all the effort that you are putting into maturing the IKI family. Best regards, Tony Hardy, South Africa. I just wanted to let you know that I cannot thank you enough for your visit. We love what you bring to your seminars. Your passion for teaching people to learn to defend themselves matches ours.

    The world is getting scarier every day, and I feel great about myself knowing that I teach people how to defend their lives. I'm excited about continuously learning from you. You are an awesome mentor in many ways. So happy that I had the opportunity to work with you and that the students were able to share your skill sets on their campuses! I have received the evaluation from Virginia Commonwealth University and they were thrilled.

    Congrats on an amazing tour - we heard wonderful things all around! As usual, your presentations were fun, informative, engaging and attracted a lot of 'out of the box' people. We have been covering your tour extensively in our newsletters - not to mention the pictures all over Facebook :. Natalie Menaged. Hasbara Fellowships, North America.

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