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Perfect for fans of Harlan Coben and Patricia Cornwell. Endlessly intriguing; as good as they come' - Literary Review Psychologist Alex Delaware regards Melissa Dickinson as one of his greatest achievements. A tormented seven year old when she first appeared in his LA surgery, two years on she was fully recovered.

Years later, Melissa contacts Alex, desperate for him to help her mother, Gina. Gina was a budding Hollywood starlet until a vicious acid attack left her disfigured. Crippled with fear, Gina has hidden from the world for two decades. But before Alex can help, she disappears. Now Alex is locked in a search leading him into a grotesque labyrinth of hidden histories and desires What readers are saying about the Alex Delaware series: ' Excellent read, the Delaware series is brilliant!

Same prefix as her original home number, but the last four digits were different. Change of number or had she left home? I checked the date of her last session. Nine years ago. A birth date in June. I wondered what had changed about her. What was the same. Alex Delaware. Thanks so much for calling back, Dr.

Hold on for one second, please. Muffled conversation. A moment later she came back on. No address at all.

The answering service said you were but that you worked mostly with lawyers and judges. How are things, Melissa?

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Clipped laugh. More background conversation. Do you think I could come and.

Alex Delaware

I graduated. It feels good to be out. I really appreciate this, Dr. She thanked me and hung up before I could complete my goodbye. Having learned much less than I usually do during a preappointment call. A bright young woman. Articulate, tense. Holding back something? That opened up a realm of possibilities. Needed to put her feelings in focus, maybe get a referral for her mother. And that would be it. For another nine years.

Private Eyes

I closed the chart, comfortable with my powers of prediction. I might as well have been playing the slots in Vegas. Or buying penny stocks on Wall Street. Kellerman devises a psychologically complex, highly satisfying plot in this latest mystery after Time Bomb to feature child psychologist Alex Delaware, although we wait too long for the best parts and although Delaware, his love life on hold, seems less emotionally present than in previous cases.

Harvard-bound, year-old heiress Melissa Dickinson, whom Delaware had successfully treated for anxiety 10 years earlier, calls him with concerns about leaving her wealthy mother, an agoraphobe. Years before Melissa's birth, Gina Dickinson Ramp had been disfigured by acid thrown for never-revealed reasons by a former lover, now out of prison and back in town.

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Widowed for many years, recently remarried and making progress in her own intensive therapy with a noted husband-and-wife team of behaviorial psychologists, Gina is still fragile. Kellerman deftly handles the strings of his plot, keeping in question the plight of Gina and the identities of those wishing her ill, until final events make what came before seem inevitable. A brief reunion with his former lover Robin will leave readers hoping for a reconciliation in Delaware's next appearance. Copyright Reed Business Information, Inc. Voir l'ensemble des Description du produit.

Private Eyes (Alex Delaware series, Book 6)

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