Guide U.S. Commercial Remote Sensing Satellite Industry: An Analysis of Risks

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Remote sensing with satellites – A new era for risk management | Munich Re

American firms have begun to operate their own imaging satellite systems, aiming to become an important part of the U. To succeed over the long run, these new U.

The greatest risks for the these firms come from the challenge of transforming themselves from imagery data providers to strong competitors as information age companies; the need to master the technical risks of building and operating sophisticated imaging satellite systems; and the requirement to operate effectively in a complex international business environment.

In addition, the government's policymaking process has yet to achieve the degree of predictability, timeliness, and transparency that the firms need if they are expected to operate effectively in a highly competitive and rapidly changing global marketplace. Successful commodity trading relies upon intelligence, and satellite imagery can reveal new information about a wide range of commodities traded on a global basis.

This includes minerals and metals, fuels oil and gas and agricultural produce crops and livestock. Tasking satellites to monitor production and shipping at key locations such as mines, refineries, farms, processing facilities, ports and transportation hubs can provide traders and regulators with critical information on the current state of the market, volumes of production and trade, and stockpiling of key commodities.

Optical satellite imagery is a highly cost-effective method of obtaining insight into any area of interest on Earth. If those areas are large in scale, remote or difficult to access, satellites are one of the most efficient ways of learning more.

Bridging gaps

A typical single image covers hundreds of square kilometres, an area that would cost a fortune in both capital and time to investigate on foot. We provide remote sensing geology services including oil spill detection.

Commercial Remote Sensing

Our satellite technology makes geological mapping easy, for any location on Earth. Get high quality, very high-resolution mapping services with Earth-i.

Precision agriculture through satellite imagery. Earth-i's satellite farming technology enhances agriculture organisations' site specific crop management. FAQs Can satellite imagery reduce insurance premiums?

Commercial Remote Sensing by Satellite: Status and Issues

How can satellite imagery impact the the price of commodities? Can all businesses benefit from optical satellite imagery?

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ACCORD Precisely for farmers Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world and is critical to the economic output of many countries. Related Topics Satellites versus scammers - modern ways to fight insurance fraud With the use of very high-resolution satellite data and remote sensing, insurance fraud can be much more easily identified.

Thought Paper: The Application of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Geospatial Intelligence Analysis Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are a powerful duo, which when used together with satellite imagery, can greatly contribute to multiple operations across industry sectors. How very high resolution satellite imagery can stop illegal irrigation and enhance national water security Illegal irrigation is one of the main threats to water security.

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